I love this. I have the challenge of dealing with the real-time-response expectations of business while also needing to find protected time for creative work. I just started “going dark” by shutting off all the notifications, but am also going to implement this auto-responder. I also just discovered that the OS X Notification Center has the same “Do Not Disturb” switch as iOS; it’s just sneakily hidden and requires a short scroll up to reveal the toggle once the drawer in the top right corner is opened. As a parent, I’m really concerned about the burden of constant technology distractions. One of my favorite breaks is going camping, but it’s a huge production. I got inspired by a book called Microadventures and now do regular overnight backpack trips with my toddler. We’ll hike into the Santa Monica Mountains after work, make dinner outside, sleep in a tent, make breakfast and hike back — right in the middle of the work week. It’s a great little nature-induced reset.

Elijah runs a LA/SLC creative agency focused on the good side of technology. He’s also a mediocre athlete, father, and entrepreneur. https://www.spark6.com/

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